Training Videos

Training Videos

Getting Started with GreenPAK

GreenPAK Development Platform
(Youtube, Youku)

Choosing the Right GreenPAK
(Youtube, Youku)

Creating A GreenPAK Design
(Youtube, Youku)

Testing & Mass Producing GreenPAK IC
(Youtube, Youku)


GreenPAK I2C (Youtube, Youku)

GreenPAK's Asynchronous State Machine (Youtube, Youku)

GreenPAK: Design a Chip and Have a Sample IC Ready to Use in Minutes (Youtube)

GreenPAK Projects Development (Youtube, Youku)

BOM Reduction using GreenPAK (Youtube, Youku)

GreenPAK Designer Introduction (Youtube, Youku, Japanese)

GreenPAK SPICE Introduction (Youtube, Youku)

Introduction to SLG46721/2 (Youtube, Youku)


Supercapacitor-based Backup Solutions Toolkit (Youtube, Youku)

Energy Harvesting with Supercapacitors (Youtube, Youku)

Implementing Low Power IoT Devices with Hybrid Energy Storage Systems (Youtube, Youku)

Touch Sensor Basics (Youtube, Youku)

Asynchronous State Machine vs MCU (Youtube, Youku)

CMIC and IoT Webinar (Youtube, Youku)

Lighting Control Made Simple with CMICs (Youtube, Youku)

Basics of Motor Control (Youtube, Youku)

A New Approach to Sensor Implementation (Youtube, Youku)

Load Switch Webinar Part 1 (Youtube, Youku)

Load Switch Webinar Part 2 (Youtube, Youku)

Reference Design Demos

Reset IC (Youtube, Youku)

Power Sequencing (Youtube, Youku)

Power Sequencing with LDOs (Youtube, Youku)

Keypad Scanner (Youtube, Youku)

Application Note Videos

Portable USB Power Supply (Youtube, Youku)

Gandalf's Staff - Silego Summer Intern Application Note (Youtube, Youku), click to see AN design file

LED Snowfall Effects Lights with Silego's GreenPAK (Youtube), click to see AN design file

Collision Avoidance Controller with Silego's GreenPAK (Youtube, Youku), click to see AN design file