System and Server Clocks

System and Server Clocks

High Performance Workstation and Server Clocks

Dialog is expanding its timing solutions portfolio to include a family of high performance Workstation and Server Clocks to meet the demanding Server and PCI Express market segments. Dialog's Workstation and Server Clocks product line provides maximum design flexibility while ensuring optimum system fit, fastest throughput, and best-in-class performance.

Intel Server Platform
Part Number Description Voltage Package Documents
SLG74190V DB1900Z, Romley Platform 3.3 V QFN-72 (10.0 x 10.0 mm) Documentation
SLG74404G DB400Q (PCI-E Gen2 & QPI) 3.3 V TSSOP-28 (9.7 x 6.4 mm) Contact us
SLG84901T CK420BQ, Romley Platform 3.3 V TSSOP-64 (17.0 x 8.1 mm) Documentation

Desktop and Notebook Clocks

Dialog offers a family of high performance Desktop and Notebook clocks and buffers supporting all the major PC chipset manufacturers. The motherboard clock product family provides a cost effective and highly integrated solution for servers, workstation, desktop PC and notebook PC systems.

Intel Mobile Chipsets
Part Number Description Voltage Package Documents
SLG8SP568V CK505 Clock Generator, Montevina, Notebook Custom 3.3 V VCC, 1.5 V I/O QFN-68 (8.0 x 8.0 mm) Contact us

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