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Unable to interface with DA14583 flash with SPI


5 months ago

Posted by eng-k 30 points 1 reply


I have done some coding to interface MPU6050 Gyro-Accelerometer(I2C) and External Flash  P25Q32H(Using SPI).

Both of the interfacing codes are working fine when they Run from the SysRAM. But I'm facing problem running from Internal Flash of DA14583.

I am using Smart Snippet Toolbox latest version and burn the Application to internal flash of DA14583 using SPI Flash Programmer then Reset the DA14583 but my application is not working.

I have done modifications  in "user_periph_setup.h" to interface External SPI flash as per my Custom board with DA14583. 

// SPI connection to external flash

#if (defined(__DA14583__))
    #define SPI_GPIO_PORT      GPIO_PORT_2
    #define SPI_CLK_PIN            GPIO_PIN_0                
    #define SPI_CS_PIN              GPIO_PIN_8                           
    #define SPI_DI_PIN               GPIO_PIN_9  
    #define SPI_DO_PIN             GPIO_PIN_4

Could you please let me know if there any settings I might have missed to enable to the secondary bootloader in OTP of DA14583 to transfer my application from internal flash to sysRAM for execution?

5 months ago


Hi eng-k,

Thanks for your question online. I’ll reach out to you privately on this forum thread.

Thanks, PM_Dialog