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9 months ago

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I was looking at using the DA9021 PMIC Charger IC for one of our current projects. I noticed that it is mentioned that it is not recommended for new designs. I wanted to know why that is the case?

Do you have any other PMIC Charger ICs with integrated Buck Regulator with the following specifications?

Input Voltage : 5V

Buck Output Voltage: 3.3V

Charge Current : Programmable up to 500 mA

Battery Type : Lithium Polymer/ Lithium Ion




9 months ago


Hello Vijay,

Could you confirm some requirements for me. 

I take it, you are looking for a single cell charger, with a programmable charge current of 500mA?

Due to the charge current, a linear charger would be acceptable? 

The device also needs to have a 1 x 3V3 buck only? 

Kind regards,

9 months ago 15 points

Hi Ellicot,

The charger needs to have at least one integrated buck switching regulator with a 3.3V output.

If there is more than 1 regulator, that is fine. But we cannot use an LDO for our application.

The single cell charger needs to have a programmable charge current of 500 mA or less.


9 months ago


Hello Vijay,

The DA9070/73 could be an option. You would have to look at using a Vdivider in the buck's feedback loop to increase the voltage about its output voltage operating range. We have tested at 2.625V and the output is stable, we would have to look at 3.3Vout in further and if the increase in power consumption is ok.