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SmartConfig: This device does not support the Dialog Configuration service

DA14531 SmartBond TINY Module

8 months ago

Posted by StevenXsens 10 points 1 reply


I recently purchased the BLE TINY CLICK from MikroE which includes a DA14531MOD. I powered it at 3V3 and downloaded the DSPS and SmartConfig apps for iOS. The former cannot find the device, the latter is able to connect but then returns the warning "This device does not support the Dialog Configuration service". Why?

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8 months ago


Hi StevenXsens,

Thanks for your question online and for your interest in our TINY Module solution.

Please latest DSPS project - DA14585-DA14531 DSPS Source Code and open the DSPS Device project located under :  DA145xx_DSPS\\projects\target_apps\dsps\dsps_device\Keil_5

Navigate to the user_profiles_config.h header file from the Keil IDE and make sure that the CFG_PRF_REMOTE_CONFIG is defined.

Rebuild the project and use the newly generated hex file : DA145xx_DSPS\\projects\target_apps\dsps\dsps_device\Keil_5\out_531\ dsps_device_531.hex

Thanks, PM_Dialog