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SLG47004 Op-Amp simulation not working

1 month ago

SLG47004 Op-Amp simulation not working

Posted by Twinbow 20 points 3 replies

I am trying to get the software simulator to give a sensible result on a basic inverting amplifier but I assume I am doing something wrong.

It looks like the OPAMP0 output is high impedance even though  I have connected PWR_UP to POR.

Design and simulation results attached

Thanks - Dave

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Inverting Amplifier Design 366.24 KB
Simulation Results 352.02 KB

1 month ago


Hello Twinbow,

Could you attach the GreenPAK design file?

Kind regards,


1 month ago

Here you go - Dave

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Amplifier 5.64 KB
accepted answer!

1 month ago

Hi ED,


I can work with this, many thanks for resolving so quickly.

All best - Dave