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SLG47004 Op Amp Buffer

1 month ago

SLG47004 Op Amp Buffer

Posted by AndyShort 25 points 1 reply

GreenPAK Designer v.6.25


I am using OPAMP0 as a non-inverting buffer for an analogue input.

It appears that if I allow the input to drop to 0V then the OPAMP output seems to turn off and does not turn on again until 5 or 6mS after the voltage rises. This is at 8MHz B/W. It takes longer to respond with lower B/W settings.

I have not tested this on the actual IC.

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accepted answer!

1 month ago



Thank you for reaching out to us. Unfortunately this is a problem with the simulation model. Our simulation team is working on this and it will be fixed in the next GPAK designer SW revision which will be out by next month

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