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Sequence of codeless AT-commands to save battery, when not in use


4 months ago

Posted by Bas321 85 points 3 replies

Dear Support Team

We are using DA14531 BLE module (…).

We measure the temperature via smart console app. It is working well, and sending us the ADC value as required. However, the battery is getting drained off within a days time. We want maximum battery power utilization.

In order to solve the same, we used the AT+Sleep commands to sent the module into the sleep mode, the response which comes is OKAY. But, the rate at which the battery is getting drained off its capacity is same.

So I would like to know, what should be values, and sequence of below commands, like

AT+Flowcontrol, AT+HOSTSLP, AT+ADSTOP, etc

For your reference, we are using "codeless_531_standalone_set_two.hex "

Looking forward for your early response.

4 months ago


Hi Bas321,

In order to set the DA14531MOD into sleep mode and reduce the power consumption, you should send the AT+SLEEP command as you have correctly mentioned.

However, when in sleep mode, all the peripheral block (including ADC) are powered off. So, this means that it’s not possible to have ADC activity during sleep.

When the AT+SLEEP is executed, then the device is entering the extended sleep mode. However, if you are still sending AT commands, the device will wake up again.  

Can you please share a power trace when you are sending the AT+SLEEP command?

Thanks, PM_Dialog

4 months ago

Dear PM_Dialog Team

Thanks a lot for your response, it is nice to know we are following the correct procedure.

Can you please let me know how to obtain this "power trace when sending the AT+SLEEP command ?"

Accordingly, I will get the same, and upload it here, for your further suggestions.



For observations sake, we sent the AT+SLEEP=1 ( With response as Okay). 

The module even stopped adverstising just after 15 hours of sending AT+SLEEP=1 , thus we concluded the battery got drained off.

However to observe the power degradation,  we took the physical measurement of voltage across the battery for 36 hours ( by the multi-meter).

 We found that voltage consistenly reduced from around 3 Volts, to 0.8Volts, during this 36 hours.

When that voltage across the battery reached around 2 volts, it has stopped adversiting


Yours suggestions will be very helpful to us.

4 months ago


Hi Bas321,

What I meant in my previous reply was to use the Power Profiler from SmartSnippets Studio or any other power analyzer tool in order to check the power consumption when the AT+SLEEP=1 is sent.

If you have the Pro-DK, you can use it in conjunction with your custom board in order to use the Power Profiler.

Can you please indicate how much is the power consumption during extended sleep mode?

Thanks, PM_Dialog