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Roadamap of AT25DF321A-SH-T


1 month ago

Posted by sanjaykumarsin… 10 points 1 reply

Can you please suggest the Roadmap for AT25DF321A-SH-T  ?

We are planning to use it for a new custom board design.

Kindly suggest whether AT25DF321A-SH-T  is recommended for new designs.


4 weeks ago

gordonmacnee 65 points

The DF321A is an older Flash device but we have no plans to EoL this product. That said, we might suggest you consider the AT25FF321A as a more modern alternative for a new design. This part is included in our longevity program and is on a more competitive process. This is a wide Vcc device with an Ultra Deep Power Down current consumption of ~7nA. If you must have the lowest price then there is the AT25SF321B but this part is NOT included in our longevity program and may be subject to change with only a short notice period. If power consumption is of interest then please also consider the AT25XE321D part which will offer you extra features to help minimise power consumption such as the 7nA UDPD, Page Erase, a READ/WRITE buffer and active interrupt. The AT25XE parts are also part of our longevity program. 

Have a look through Microsoft Word - Adesto 32Mbit Products Overview-AN201-A2-2020-05-21.docx ( which will detail the differences but all the basic commands are the same and the pin outs all conform to standard 25xxx configuration.