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Recommended flash for DA1469x


6 months ago

Posted by mousmous 285 points 2 replies

Hi Dialog, 

I am using DA1469x and am looking for an 32Mbit QSPI flash. 

Any recommendations? 


6 months ago

mousmous 285 points

6 months ago

Paul Fulhorst 15 points

Dialog publishes a list of Flash products that support the Dialog BLE solutions at…

The list shows that both the 32 Mbit AT25FF321A and AT25XE321D are fully qualified on the DA1469x, including driver support.

Both of these products are wide Vcc 1.65V to 3.6V and are standard industry pin-out.  The AT25XE321D is a member of the System Enhancing class of flash memories that include a suite of features to help with CPU overhead, energy saving, fast performance.

Here are some helpful links:

AT25XE all System Enhancing products




Product Overview/Brochure:……