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Programming other MCUs using DA14531 USB devkit

DA14530 and DA14531

8 months ago

Posted by leoshusar 25 points 1 reply

Hello, I am planning to buy the DA14531-00FXDEVKT-U and I just wanted to ask if it is possible to program / debug another external MCUs using the built-in J-Link? If so, would I need to anyhow modify the board? And isn't it somehow locked to only DA MCUs?

Thank you!

accepted answer!

8 months ago


Hi leoshusar,

Thanks for your question online. Please check the following tutorial and section 18.1. DA14531 USB Development Kit :

Our DKs are usually used for programming/debugging boards that are based on our BLE chips. However, you can give a try with other MCUs but it is not tested from our side.

Thanks, PM_Dialog