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Programming NVM and EEPROM at the same time

GreenPAK and GreenFET

5 months ago

Posted by Rashid Talib 10 points 2 replies


I use GreenPAK designer 6.26 (Build 004) with a GreenPAK advanced development board for programing a SLG46826 device.



When selecting both NVM and EEPROM in the programming options and then clicking the "Program" button an error dialog appears and only the NVM is programmed

Programming options


error message


If I only select the NVM or EEPROM option, the error message disappears and the programing works fine. This is cumbersome and error prone because someone might forget to program the EEPROM.



Is this a bug? I would expect that both options can be enabled at the same time and that the programing takes care of programming the NVM and EEPROM automatically.


Thanks for your help & best regards


5 months ago


Hello Rashid,

Thank you for the post. I will look into this and get back to you. 

Kind regards,

5 months ago


Hello Rashid,

We have confirmed the behaviour on our side.

The message "EEPROM procedure will be skipped" should only appear when you choose the NVM and EEPROM option but the EEPROM has not been altered and has 0 initial value. If you change one bit in the EEPROM the error message should be removed. You should get the success message instead.

My understanding is that this behaviour was added to save programming time if the EEPROM is empty.