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Modify the DSPS program to achieve timing ADC data transmission errors


10 months ago

Posted by whc008 32 points 1 reply


I configured this example to transfer ADC data via DSPS, but the compilation produced such an error

.\out_531\dsps_device_531.axf: Error: L6221E: Execution region RET_DATA with Execution range [0x07fc786c,0x07fc7eb8) overlaps with Execution region RET_HEAP with Execution range [0x07FC7D30, 0x07FC9800). Not enough information to produce a Symdefs file.


What is the reason?

What is the correct configuration sequence for sending ADC data through the DSPS configuration?

10 months ago


Hi whc008,

Thanks for your question online. This error means that the code size is too big and overlaps some regions in the map file. According to the DA14531 datasheet, the RAM area extends from 0x07FC0000 up to 0x07FCC000 which gives you 48KB of RAM space.

So, you should reduce the code size.

The DSPS project is supported as provided by Dialog and I would recommend not doing any modification in the source code. The DSPS transits the data received on the UART over BLE.

I assume that CodeLess it will be more useful for this kind of application.

It supports the “Binary Mope” for data-pumping applications :

Thanks, PM_Dialog