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How to make data transfer between two DA14585


6 months ago

Posted by egemen 150 points 1 reply


  I have two DA14585 Dev Pro Kits. One of them is remote/standalone and other is connected to a PC through USB.  I need to data transfer between two kits so that I can draw the data from remote/standalone kit graphically on Windows 10 PC. Thanks for the help in advance.

Best Regards

6 months ago


Hi egemen,

Thank you for your forum question and your interest in our 14585 solution.

You can use the DSPS (Dialog Serial Port Service) Reference design  

and/or the CodeLess Reference Design

DSPS emulates a serial cable communication. In the DSPS reference design resources tab, you can find user guides, release notes and the Android and iOS app code.

Codeless is aimed to allow you to quickly get started with wireless IoT applications using a set of AT commands. You can set it up for binary mode which is used for the purpose of data pumps wherein the Bluetooth CodeLess device transfers data without examining it contents, which is the prefered method for end to end raw data transfer. You can use

as a quick start manual and specifically

for the binary mode. You can also use the CodeLess host application in binary mode

Regards, AA_Dialog