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GPIO Voltage Level for SPI


5 months ago

Posted by montea 205 points 2 replies

Hello Dialog,

Does the DA1469x support changing the GPIO voltage level? If so, is it possible to set different voltage levels on different pins e.g. we would like to have one SPI bus working on 1.8V (which I see is already done for reading instructions from 1.8V flash) but another SPI bus on 3.0V, to avoid using voltage level translators when communicating with one of our sensors, which only works with higher voltage levels 2.8-3.6V.

At the same time the I2C bus would have pull-ups on 1.8V, but that shouldn't be a problem even when GPIOs level is set to be 3.0V it seems..

5 months ago

Ok, for I2C to work with pull-ups on 1.8V the GPIO level must also be lower lower than 3.0V... In that case again, would it be possible to set I2C pins to work with 1.8V logic level while one SPI bus would use 1.8V and another SPI bus would be on 3.0V? In the worst case I could set all of my I2C devices to work on 3.0V, however the flash still needs 1.8V level.

accepted answer!

3 months ago


Hi montea, 

Please try to use the hw_gpio_configure_pin_power() that configures the power source for a GPIO. It can be either V33 (3.3 V) or VDD1V8P (1.8 V) power rail.

Thansk, PM_Dialog