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Debugger, TCP/IP interface

GreenPAK and GreenFET

5 months ago

Posted by uros 30 points 0 replies

Would it be possible to add simple tcp/ip link to the GreenPak/Debugger interface?

This would allow connection to custom i2c interfaces (over such tcp/ip connection), especially useful in embedded system which has some connectivity and on-board dialog chips.

Since the speed is not a matter, a very simple protocol would suffice. Since i2c has this "ack" bits, possibly 16-bit instead of bytes should be used, as it is easy to encode ack/nack status in return bytes as well as start/stop designators in the direction to a device.

At the moment I am doing export to .hex and download that .hex to a chip; in above case it would be possible to have interactive "experience" with a device in real-time.

-- Uros