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DA9062 OTP variant for Spartan 7


6 months ago

Posted by Qlyptic 10 points 1 reply


I'm considering to use the DA9062 for powering a Spartan 7 XC7S25 in a project.

I have found the App note AN-PM-096 "Power Solutions for Xilinx® Spartan®-7 Devices". But I can't find any reference to a standard variant of the DA9062 suitable for the Spartan 7.

I have also read in the app note AN-PM-080 that: "Dialog manufactures an expanding range of standard variants that support specific platforms such as NXP i.MX 5 and 6 families, Atmel SAMA5, and Renesas R-Car. Dialog recommends the use of these standard variants where available." But I can't find a complete list of the standard variant or any description/documentation that describes the standard variants.

Also most links to the dialog web page in previous forum posts asking similar questions are broken...

My questions are the folowing:
1. Is there any suitable standard variant for using with the Spartan 7 XC7S25 or do I have to create a custom variant either by ICP or order via AVNET?

2. Where do I find the documentation for the standard variants?

3. Is it possible to use an unprogrammed (-00) chip by starting in PC mode and using a MCU to load all required settings via I2C before letting it start the power up sequence? (although I guess this method would not be recommended)

6 months ago



1. We do not currently have a standard variant for the spartan 7. The application note AN-PM-080 is more of a guide to generating a power tree and how our system PMICs can be used. The DA9062 GUI can be used alongside a DA9062 EVK to generate an OTP. You can then use either the ICP or avnet programming service to program ICs. The Avnet programming service might be the better route. 

2. That’s a good question. You would usually find the OTPs on our website or when with the GUI install folders. You might also find a reference to the OTPs in our reference design documentation, however those OTPs should either come with the GUI or be on the website.

3. We would only recommend this approach when using the EVK and for development. The DA9062 has i2c access, so you can alter the devices config when operating. This would allow you to use a very basic OTP that allows for the SoC to run and then configure the DA9062. Once the device performs an OTP reload, the changes will have to be made again.


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