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DA14531 Over L2cap


2 months ago

Posted by _asmaitha -5 points 1 reply


We are currently trying to do OTA for an STM32 chipset over BLE and we are using DA14531 for the BLE interactions. We are currently using the DSPS service for the above. Our build is 50MB, using the DSPS for this looks to be very slow. Is there a way to increase the speed by directly using the L2cap layer on DA14531 to do the 50MB OTA update?

2 months ago


Hi _asmaitha,

Thanks for your question online. So, you are using DSPS service for the Software Update Over the Air (SUOTA) ?

We have the SUOTA service, please check this tutorial : BLE SUOTA Update on DA14585/DA14586 and DA14531 Devices.

We also have the DA14531 SUOTA via STM32 SW Example that shows how software updates over Bluetooth can be added to a microcontroller which does not have built in Bluetooth. In this example, an STM32F4 board is used as the target of the software update. Bluetooth is added using a DA14531 module.

Did you check this example?

Thanks, PM_Dialog