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Connecting output of a comparator to an input of another comparator

GreenPAK and GreenFET

5 months ago

Posted by farhanmariz 10 points 2 replies

I am considering replacing a few comparators and logics in my design with a SLG44620-AG. My original design have a few comparators which are cascaded.

How do I effectively connect the output of ACMP0 to the Input (-) of AMCP5?

They only way I can do it to route the output of ACMP0 to PIN 8 and then re-route it back to PIN 5 (see attachment).

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5 months ago



Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately , you can only connect the output of ACMP0 to ACMP5 via GPIO. This is a limitation.

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4 months ago

This erratic behavior is easily overcome by adding positive feedback on to the comparator.