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Cannot flip LUT vertically

GreenPAK and GreenFET

5 months ago

Posted by klamm 70 points 2 replies

GreenPAK Designer v6.26 doesn't let me flip LUTs vertically which is a bit unfortunate as I prefer having IN0 on top.

However, there is a workaround: flip horizontally and rotate twice.

This means that vertically flipped LUTs are supported internally, but the GUI has a bug.

5 months ago


Thank you for notifying us. I will let our application team be aware of this

5 months ago

Cruickshank 5 points

Timing Analysis and Post-place-and-route Simulation Following place-and-route, we have a fully routed physical (CLB-level) netlist, as was illustrated in Figure 5-7. At this point, a static timing analysis (STA) utility will be run to calculate all of the input-to-output and internal path delays and to check for any timing violations (setup, hold, etc.) associated with any of the internal registers.


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