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About AT45DB641E


3 months ago

Posted by Alex_SAUT 15 points 2 replies

Good afternoon!

Do you mind me asking about chip AT45DB641E.  

I'd like to know about the information: the bit "EPE" in the status register is set to "zero" if the record was successfull. Is that a guarantee of the right record or we must to execute "Main memory Page to Buffer Compare" (opcode 60h) with checkig the bit "COMP" in the status register?

Thank you in advance.

Sincerele, Aleksander Kondratyev 

3 months ago


HI Aleksander,


The AT45DB641E integrates an intelligent Programming (and Erasing) Algorithm that can detect if a byte location fails to program properly.  If a program failure has been detected the EPE Bit will be automatically set to 1. there is no need to  execute  "Main memory Page to Buffer Compare" (opcode 60h) to have the EPE bit Updated.



3 months ago

Alex_SAUT 15 points

Thanks a lot!

Sincerely, Aleksander