SoC PMIC Solutions

SoC PMIC Solutions

Proven scalable power solutions for application processors

Dialog offers a wide range of highly integrated PMICs designed to support various advanced application processors and SoCs providing all power management for embedded, industrial, consumer, and automotive infotainment devices. The highly integrated PMIC solutions offer a wide selection of supply domains and include additional features like RTC, ADC, GPIO, power sequencing control.

Optimized power tree solutions, combining system PMICs and sub-PMICs

Combining a Dialog system PMIC with one or more sub-PMICs creates highly optimized power solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding processor systems. High current and high efficiency converters satisfy the power requirements of the latest multi-core application processors, use low profile inductors, and lower the overall system cost. Dialog’s patented SmartMirror™ LDO regulator technology manages power consumption more efficiently.

SoC Vendor Listing

Partner Company Processor Family SoC Power Solutions
Renesas® R-Car E2, M2, H2 DA9062 / DA9062-A, DA9063 / DA9063-A, **DA9210 / **DA9210-A
  R-Car E2, M2, H2 DA9062 / DA9062-A, DA9063 / DA9063-A, **DA9210 / **DA9210-A
  R-Car H3, M3, E3, V3 DA9062 / DA9062-A, DA9063 / DA9063-A, **DA9210 / **DA9210-A, DA9213 / DA9213-A, DA9214 / DA9214-A, DA9223 / DA9223-A, DA9224 / DA9224-A
Xilinx® Xilinx® Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC (ZU3EG, ZU7EV, ZU9CG)
Xilinx® Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC (ZU3CG, ZU9EG, ZU19EG)
Xilinx® Artix-7 FPGA and Zynq-7000 SoC
Xilinx® Spartan-7 FPGA Family
Xilinx® UltraScale+ MPSoC Customized Solution
DA9061 / DA9061-A, DA9062 / DA9062-A, DA9063 / DA9063-A, **DA9210 / **DA9210-A, DA9211DA9213 / DA9213-A, DA9214 / DA9214-A, DA9215 / DA9215-A
NXP® i.MX 6 DA9052, DA9053 / DA9053-A, DA9061 / DA9061-A, DA9063 / DA9063-A, DA9021, DA9022
i.MX 6Solo™ DA9061 / DA9061-A
i.MX 7Solo™ DA9061 / DA9061-A, DA9062 / DA9062-A
i.MX DualLite™ DA9053 / DA9053-A
i.MX 6Q/6Quad™ DA9063 / DA9063-A
i.MX 8M Mini™ DA9063 / DA9063-A
Telechips® Dolphin+ (TCC8030) DA9063L-A

*-A indicates our automotive qualified solutions

**DA9210 / DA9210-A are not recommended for new designs, suggested alternatives are DA9213 / DA9213-A or DA9214 / DA9214-A.

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