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Make the most of your buildings data. Integrate LoRaWAN + BMS

Join an open industrial ecosystem
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IoT Data Fabric

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Streamline integration and unlock value

Now systems integrators, solutions providers and value added resellers can quickly deliver complex IoT projects and build limitless solutions for smart buildings, cities and factories using an open, extensible device and data integration platform. It enables seamless access to industrial data for AI and cloud analytics as well as automation and controls.


Seamless IoT data fabric


A SmartServer IoT Edge Server securely connects any sensor, device or machine horizontally to its peers or vertically to enterprise, edge and cloud computing infrastructure – all without any custom coding or development – through an IoT data fabric enabled by Dialog’s open Internet of Things Access Protocol or IAP for short.

IoT Data Fabric Removes Barriers to Transformative AI and Analytics
Illustration: Principles of Open Data Fabric for Industrial IoT

Central management system with end-to-end tools


The SmartServer IoT device and data integration platform supports the entire IoT workflow from planning to operations and maintenance with a built-in widget-based central management system (CMS), so you can avoid common pitfalls and deliver complex industrial IoT projects on time and under budget.

Excel at IoT Deployment from Start to Finish

Customizable tools and open APIs


SmartServer IoT gives you the flexibility to create software applications for industrial IoT use cases with your choice of tools, services and APIs. Customize a CMS user interface,  utilize controls and automation services or code your own applications our open APIs; your applications can run locally on the edge server itself or remotely on other edge or cloud servers.

Create Limitless Edge Applications with Your Choice of Tools, Services and APIs

Standards-based, extensible architecture


Built on a foundation of open hardware and software standards, SmartServer IoT prevents vendor lock in at every level, and ensures that data belongs to you. This open, extensible architecture provides both cross-M2M protocol communication and secure interoperability with modern edge and cloud infrastructures, so you are always ready for the future.

Join an Open, Interoperable Industrial IoT Ecosystem

Powerful software platform running on industrial hardware

Dialog’s SmartServer IoT hosts a complete software stack from device to cloud that supports industrial communications protocols, automation and controls workflows, edge analytics and custom applications forming an open and extensible edge architecture.

Regional or Central Cloud

Seamless connectivity to industrial systems and IoT networks from any web and enterprise application


Supports a variety of backhaul options to connect with enterprise, edge and cloud computing infrastructure

OT Interface/Server

Server interface for industrial clients that enables operational management systems like SCADA, BMS and HMI to co-exist with modern edge and AI infrastructure

Control and Automation Services

Critical services such as data logging, alarming, scheduling for managing large control networks at the edge

Analytics Services

Data processing and rules engine that enables industrial analytics, system KPIs and machine learning models

IAP Data Fabric Core

Pub-sub message bus that connects southbound drivers with northbound services and clients forming an IoT-centric data fabric

Smart Buildings Driver

Communicate with open communication protocols (including BACnet, LON and Modbus) that enable modern building automation and controls systems

Smart Factory Driver

Communicate with industrial M2M protocols (including Modbus TCP, and select industrial Ethernet protocols) in smart factories and PLC-based automation systems

Smart City Drivers

Communicate with large area networking protocols (including LoRa and PowerLine) for energy and remote monitoring use cases

Serial, Ethernet…

A variety of wired and wireless interfaces physically connected via a USB hub to modularize network connectivity

Sensors, Devices, Control Networks

Communicate with any point source or a network of sensors, devices and machines regardless of whether they’re part of legacy industrial systems or are IoT enabled

Case studies illuminate benefits


Airedale International Enhances HVAC with AI and Analytics

Dialog’s SmartServer IoT enables technology leadership in AI-driven HVAC


Syso Technologies Maximizes ROI with Green Energy Platform

Dialog’s SmartServer IoT is the heart of data-driven solution

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Global Associates Cuts Energy Costs for Retailer DFS by 30%

Uses SmartServer IoT to create hybrid LoRaWAN/ BMS solution

Leading IoT solutions providers world-wide use SmartServer IoT

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