SmartDefender™ Technology

SmartDefender™ Technology

SmartDefender™ Smart Hiccup Technology

Dialog’s SmartDefender™ advanced hiccup technology reduces power dissipation in cables and connnectors during over current conditions, helping to improve safety and reliability in USB power adapters for smartphones and tablets.

SmartDefender™ Technology

Dialog's SmartDefender™ technology detects the soft short circuit condition and enters a smart hiccup mode (see figure below). Instead of providing full output power on each reset cycle, SmartDefender increments the time between reset cycles to reduce the average output power. When the fault condition subsides, it automatically resets to normal operating mode, providing full power for charging. SmartDefender™ advanced hiccup mode can reduce the power dissipation in the cable and connector by up to 75%, while eliminating the need to manually reset the adapter – with no additional external components needed.

Addresses Soft Shorts in Mobile Power Adapter Cables and Connectors

Soft short circuits can result from wear and tear on the cable, using a low quality cable, dirt in the connector or loose connections between the two. During a soft short event, conventional power adapters typically provide protection from over-current fault events by either turning off the output voltage and latching it off, or by repeatedly cycling the power off and on (hiccup mode) until the fault event is removed.

The latched mode has the headache of forcing users to unplug and reconnect the adapter from the AC line to re-establish charging, which can be perceived as a defective or failed adapter. Conventional hiccup mode automatically restarts the output at full power, with the convenience of not having to disconnect the input to restart the charging, but it causes a very high average current through the cable and connector, resulting in excess power dissipation and potentially leading them to burn or melt.

SmartDefender Products

Part number Main Application Output Power Key Features
iW1699B Compact Power Adapters up to 30W 30W 1% Output Ripple, Small Solution Size
iW1760B Compact Power Adapters up to 45W 45W 1% Output Ripple, Small Solution Size
iW1770 Ultrabook™ Power Supplies 40W Average, >60W Peak High Peak Power, <50mW No-Load Standby Power
iW1780 Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 2.0 Mobile Power Adapters 45W Works with iW626 for Low BOM Cost Quick Charge 2.0 Solution
iW1788 MediaTek Pump Express™ Plus-Compatible Adapters up to 36W 36W Single-Chip Solution for Rapid Charge™
MediaTek Pump Express™ Plus Adapters

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