SmartBond Application Focused Development Kits

SmartBond Application Focused Development Kits

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Our SmartBond™ products are supported by development kits and a profiling to help you create applications that exploit the unique benefits of the SmartBond family to the fullest. These tools help you minimize your time to market.

Overview of available Application Focused Development Kits:

DA14585 DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor Development Kit
DA14585 DA14585 Voice RCU Development Kit
DA14681 DA14681 HomeKit Development Kit
DA14681 DA14681 Wearable Development Kit
DA1469x SmartBond™ Wireless Ranging SDK
DA14583 DA14583 IoT Sensor Development Kit
The DA14585 IoT is an upgraded sensor development kit with more supported sensors and cloud connectivity

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