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DA9083A six-channel configurable system power management IC
iW38840W Integrated MOSFET Second-Stage 65V Buck LED Driver with Dialog’s Flicker-Free True DC Dimming Technology for Commercial Lighting
Low-power, Low-Cost ForgeFPGA

The ForgeFPGA™ family fulfills the design need for relatively small amounts of programmable logic that can be quickly and efficiently designed into cost-sensitive applications. ForgeFPGA devices provide dramatic cost savings versus other alternatives, including non-FPGA designs.

The new FPGAs use the same business model and infrastructure as the popular GreenPAK line: free, easy-to-use software with no license fees, and available worldwide applications support.

DA9080A highly integrated PMIC with 4 Bucks, 1 LDO & 8 bit ADC in a QFN package
DA91681-Cell, 2.0 A Battery Charger PMIC with 20 mA Termination, Ultra-Low IQ Reverse Boost, and I2C
SLG47513GreenPAK™ Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix