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DA16200 Package for v2.3.2.0 AWS IoT ATCMD (Renesas+Sparkfun)The AWS IoT AT-CMD Demo to Renesas RA2L1 MCU and Sparkfun DA16200 Arduino Shield
SLG47512/13 Datasheet SLG47512/13 Datasheet
AN-CM-326 Analog Front-End for Electrocardiogram MonitorThis application note describes the design of an analog front-end for an electrocardiography device
AN-CM-325 LED Strip Effects Generator Using SLG46811VThis application note describes the design of a serial data pattern generator for making visual effects with a chain of WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs, using the SLG46811V and its EPG 92-byte ROM module.
AN-CM-324 Adjustable Analog Sine - Square Wave OscillatorThis application note describes how to build an adjustable, encoder-controlled, two-range sine / square wave oscillator.