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DA9220Configurable, Dual Output 3A + 3A SubPMIC for high performance mobile processors and memory


AN-PM-115 DA9217/DA9220 PCB Layout RecommendationsAN-PM-115 DA9217/DA9220 PCB Layout Recommendations
UM-PM-041 DA9217/DA9121 and DA9220/DA9122 EVB KitsUM-PM-041 DA9217/DA9121 and DA9220/DA9122 EVB Kits
DA9217 / DA9220 Product Brief DA9217 / DA9220 Product Brief
AN-PM-140: DA9217/DA9220/DA9121/DA9122 - Adjusting VOUT above 1.9 VAN-PM-140: DA9217/DA9220/DA9121/DA9122 - Adjusting VOUT above 1.9 V
DA9130-A ,DA9131-A, DA9121, DA9217, DA9122, DA9220 Linux Driver Patch release for DA9121 Linux device driver  for Linux kernel linux-stable/v4.14.

This driver also supports DA9130-A, DA9131-A, DA9121, DA9217, DA9122, DA9220
Computing and storage solutionsComputing and storage solutions