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DA9053 DatasheetFlexible High-Power System PMIC with 1.8 A Switching USB Power Manager
DA9053 Product BriefFlexible High-Power System PMIC + USB Power Manager
DA9053 7x7 Reference board data packDA9053 7x7 Reference board data pack
AN-PM-007 Suspend and ResumeAN-PM-007 Suspend and Resume
AN-PM-019 Seamless supply switchoverAN-PM-019 Seamless supply switchover
AN-PM-003 DA9053 2-Wire ImplementationAN-PM-003 DA9053 2-Wire Implementation
DA9053 11x11 PTH Reference board data packDA9053 11x11 PTH Reference board data pack
AN-PM-006 DA9053 High Efficiency Autonomous ChargerAN-PM-006 DA9053 High Efficiency Autonomous Charger
AN-PM-001 DA905x Touch Screen InterfaceAN-PM-001 DA905x Touch Screen Interface