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DA7218 DatasheetLow power stereo codec
DA7218 Product BriefHigh-performance, low-power audio codec optimized for use in headsets or wearable devices
DA7218 SmartCanvas GUI SoftwareGUI for controlling the DA7218 evaluation board
DA14AVDDECT SF01 DatasheetDA14AVDDECT SF01 Datasheet
SmartBeat USB Unified Communication headset solutionSmartBeat USB Unified Communication headset solution
IoT Solutions GuideIoT Solutions Guide
DA7217 DatasheetLow power stereo codec
DA7217 Product BriefHigh-performance, low-power audio codec
DA7217 Product Brief CNDA7217 是一款为耳麦或可穿戴设备优化的高性能、低功耗音频编解码器
SmartBeat digital Active Noise Cancellation solutionSmartBeat digital Active Noise Cancellation solution