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SLG88103V DatasheetRail to Rail I/O 375 nA Dual OpAmp with Power Down
SLG88104V DatasheetRail to Rail I/O 375 nA Quad OpAmp with Power Down
AN-CM-252 Self-Powered Solar Tracking SensorThe application note presents the design of a simple self-powered solar tracking sensor circuit based upon the Dialog Semiconductor operational amplifier
AN-CM-245 Temperature CompensationThis application note explores temperature compensation and calibration for devices such as sensors, thermometers, and more
AN-CM-336 Current Loop Sensor using GreenPAKThis application note describes the design procedure for interfacing current loop sensors with GreenPAK
SLG88103V SPICE ModelRail to Rail I/O 375 nA Dual OpAmp with Power Down
AN-CM-335 Lock-In AmplifierThis application note illustrates how to implement synchronous detection and lock-in amplification of a sensor signal using the SLG47004.
AN-CM-279 Battery Powered Overdrive Pedal for Guitar EffectsThis application note covers the creation of a low voltage low power overdrive pedal using the GreenPAK SLG88104V.
Op Amp Altium LibraryThis Altium library contains the CAD Symbols & PCB footprints for Dialog’s Op Amp product line.
WP-1004 Designing an Accurate SPICE Macromodel for Ultra-Low Power, Rail-to-Rail CMOS Op AmpsAn accurate, fast, and comprehensive SPICE macromodel for a voltage feedback op amp is developed in this application note