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SLG59M1527V DatasheetGreenFET3™ Dual N-Channel Integrated Power Switch
AN-1081 GreenFET Load Switch Basics (Japanese)GreenFET load switch Basics (Japanese)
AN-1068 GreenFET and High Voltage GreenFET Load Switch BasicsThis application note describes the general operation and protection features of load switch products in GreenFET and High Voltage GreenFET product families
AN-CM-272 Extending Dialog's GreenFET Load Switch Maximum Operating CurrentThis application note describes how to extend the maximum operating current range of Dialog load switches while preserving all protection features
GreenFET3 日本語セレクターガイドを更新GreenFET3 日本語セレクターガイドを更新
AN-CM-289 GreenFET Load Switches Thermal Considerations for PCB LayoutThis app note describes the importance of PCB design with Dialog load switches to achieve desired thermal performance. Corresponding calculations and thermal images are provided.