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AN-CM-328 16-bit Sigma-Delta ADCThis app note presents the implementation and testing of a 16-bit sigma-delta analog-to-digital converter (ADC) based on the SLG47004 IC
AN-CM-311 Low-Power Button Replacement with Force-Sensitive ResistorThis application describes how to create a highly reliable, low-power, temperature-stable button function using an SLG47004 and a force-sensitive resistor that can be used for sealed applications
AN-CM-310 Adjustable Analog FilterThis application note illustrates how to use the SLG47004 to implement an adjustable analog filter and describes different ways to adjust the filter`s cutoff frequency
AN-CM-309 Tracking ADCThis application note describes the implementation of a simple tracking ADC based on digital rheostats of the SLG47004
AN-CM-320 Potentiometer Controlled by an EncoderThis application note illustrates how to use the SLG47004 to control a potentiometer with an encoder and to implement an adjustable voltage divider based on it.
AN-CM-308 Analog Front End for a Pressure SensorThe application note describes the design procedure for Wheatstone bridge sensors