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SLG46881 Errata SheetSLG46881 Errata Sheet
AN-CM-238 SLG46880/1 Asynchronous State MachineThis application note focuses on the Asynchronous State Machine in a broad approach, with discrete sections devoted to the ASM blocks in SLG46880 and SLG46881
SLG46880/81 DatasheetProgrammable Mixed-signal Matrix with Asynchronous State Machine and Dual Supply.
AN-CM-236 SLG46880/1 Dynamic Memory BlockThis application note describes the Dynamic Memory (DM) blocks and how to use them
AN-CM-237 SLG46880/1 F(1) BlockThis application note describes how to use the F(1) computation macrocell in the SLG46880/1
AN-CM-282 4xN LED DriverThis application note describes how to control four 7-Segment LED displays using a GreenPAK IC.
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC ProductsDialog Environmental Statement for IC Products
GreenPAK™ BrochureProgrammable Mixed-signal Matrix