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AN-CM-238 SLG46880/1 Asynchronous State MachineThis application note focuses on the Asynchronous State Machine in a broad approach, with discrete sections devoted to the ASM blocks in SLG46880 and SLG46881
SLG46880/81 DatasheetProgrammable Mixed-signal Matrix with Asynchronous State Machine and Dual Supply.
AN-CM-237 SLG46880/1 F(1) BlockThis application note describes how to use the F(1) computation macrocell in the SLG46880/1
AN-CM-236 SLG46880/1 Dynamic Memory BlockThis application note describes the Dynamic Memory (DM) blocks and how to use them
SLG46880 Errata SheetSLG46880 Errata Sheet
AN-CM-235 How to replace CD40xx ICs with GreenPAKThis application note describes the behavior and operation of several ICs of the CD40XX family, and how to implement their functionality using the SLG46880 or the SLG46533
AN-CM-239 POV DisplayThis application note describes how to design a Perception of Vision Display using just only a single GreenPAK IC
AN-CM-297 2-Axis Solar Sun TrackerThis application note describes the design of a Sun Tracking algorithm using Dialog's GreenPAK IC for capturing the maximum amount of energy from the Sun by keeping our panel at the most optimum orientation
GreenPAK Pro Development Platform User GuideGreenPAK Pro Development Platform User Guide