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AN-CM-325 LED Strip Effects Generator Using SLG46811VThis application note describes the design of a serial data pattern generator for making visual effects with a chain of WS2812B addressable RGB LEDs, using the SLG46811V and its EPG 92-byte ROM module.
AN-CM-312 One Wire Communication Between Two SLG46811This application note describes two designs using the SLG46811 to create a simple single-wire communication between two ICs.
AN-CM-313 Tamper DetectorThis application note describes a tamper detector design using the SLG46811 IC as an emulated SPI master to drive the AT45DB161E Flash memory.
AN-CM-334 Bidirectional I2C to SPI BridgeThis application note describes how to use the SLG46811 IC to design a converter between the I2C and SPI data transmission protocols
AN-CM-312-GPAN-CM-312 .GP File
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC ProductsDialog Environmental Statement for IC Products
GreenPAK Altium LibraryThis Altium library contains the CAD Symbols & PCB footprints for Dialog’s GreenPAK product line.