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SLG46721 DatasheetGreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix
SLG46721 ErrataChips' issues and their workaround
SLG46721V DIP Proto Board Quick Start GuideSLG46721V DIP Proto Board Quick Start Guide
AN-1078 Edge Triggered Latch Using GPAKThis application note describes how to construct an edge-triggered latch using a SLG46721 GreenPAK
AN-1072 Flashlight Control Using GPAKThis application note describes the design of a current control for an LED version flashlight
AN-1212 Transformer Overload ProtectionThis application note describes how to design and implement a power transformer overload protection system, which will help protect the transformer from overload situations
AN-1029 Adding nSETnRESET to DFF'snRESET / nSET DFF function can be very useful in the design of data processing and latching systems
AN-1073 OddFractional Frequency DividersUsing the LUTs and DFFs resources in GreenPAK, one can efficiently divide a given frequency by 1.5, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4.5, 5, and many other coefficients
AN-1071 Delay Cell Calculations in GreenPAK3 Family CMIC’sThis application note describes a way to calculate the accuracy of the delay cell in a GreenPAK in different cases.
AN-1192 Power Duty Cycle Controller to Prolong Battery Life, with MCU Programmable Duty CycleThis application note shows how to create a variable-length power duty cycle controller to help prolong the battery life of a system