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SLG46621 DatasheetGreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with Dual Supply
SLG46621 ErrataChips' issues and their workaround
AN-CM-229 Implementing 4-20 mA Sensor InterfaceThis application note describes how to implement a 4-20 mA interface for measuring the output of an oxygen sensor to detect out-of-range oxygen concentrations
AN-CM-250 Position and Speed Control of a DC Motor using Analog PID ControllerThis application note demonstrates how to make a position and speed control of a DC motor
AN-CM-284 GreenPAK in Solar Systems Maximum Power Point Trackers MPPTThis application note describes how to use GreenPAK for the full system of Maximum Power Point Tracker in Solar Systems
AN-CM-270 Design and Implementation of a Single Phase InverterThis application note demonstrates the implementation of a single-phase inverter using different control methodologies
SLG46621V DIP Proto Board Quick Start GuideSLG46621V DIP Proto Board Quick Start Guide
AN-1211 Frequency DoublerThe main purpose of this project is to design a circuit that can increase the frequency of a reference signal by two, while attempting to keep a 50% duty cycle on the doubled frequency
AN-1148 Voltmeter Ammeter Autorange ControlThis application note describes how to design a circuit to control autoranging of a volt/current meter
AN-1187 High Efficiency Adjustable Buck ConverterThis application note shows how to use a GreenPAK IC to construct a buck converter with an adjustable output voltage.