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SLG46583 ErrataChips' issues and their workaround
SLG46580/82/83 DatasheetGreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with Asynchronous State Machine and LDOs
AN-CM-254 SLG46580/2/3 LDO Key Feature SetThis application note introduces the key features of the SLG4658/2/3's low-dropout (LDO) regulator
AN-CM-253 RTC Binary Counter – An IntroductionThis application note introduces the behavior of the GreenPAK's Real-Time Counter (RTC) and outlines a couple common design applications in which the RTC provides added configurability to circuit designers
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC ProductsDialog Environmental Statement for IC Products
GreenPAK Altium LibraryThis Altium library contains the CAD Symbols & PCB footprints for Dialog’s GreenPAK product line.
GreenPAK™ BrochureProgrammable Mixed-signal Matrix
GreenPAK Designer User GuideGreenPAK Designer User Guide