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SLG46582 ErrataChips' issues and their workaround
SLG46580/82/83 DatasheetGreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with Asynchronous State Machine and LDOs
AN-CM-300 Using a Dialog GreenPAK™ for Automatic Amplifier Bias ControlThis application note will detail using a GreenPAK to automatically set an amplifier bias circuit
AN-CM-254 SLG46580/2/3 LDO Key Feature SetThis application note introduces the key features of the SLG4658/2/3's low-dropout (LDO) regulator
AN-CM-253 RTC Binary Counter – An IntroductionThis application note introduces the behavior of the GreenPAK's Real-Time Counter (RTC) and outlines a couple common design applications in which the RTC provides added configurability to circuit designers
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC ProductsDialog Environmental Statement for IC Products
GreenPAK™ BrochureProgrammable Mixed-signal Matrix
GreenPAK CookbookGreenPAK Cookbook
UM-GP-004: GreenPAK Serial DebuggerThe In-System Programming (ISP) Board (SLG4DVKISP) is a small PCB that allows you to emulate and program the SLG46826/4 chip without the help of the Advanced Development Board