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SLG46537 DatasheetSLG46537 Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with Asynchronous State Machine
AN-CM-314 AC-AC Automatic Voltage Regulator This app note presents the implementation of an AC-AC Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) using a GreenPAK SLG46537V.
AN-CM-280 Servo DemultiplexerThis application note describes how to create a model servo motor signal demultiplexer using the GreenPAK IC.
AN-CM-264 Serial Line Coding ConvertersThis application note details using the GreenPAK SLG46537 IC for several line code conversion examples.
AN-CM-231 Traffic Signal ControllerThis application note describes how to implement a traffic controller that can manage traffic passing through the intersection of a busy main street and a lightly used side street
AN-CM-234 Basketball Arcade MachineThis application note describes how to create the electronic components for a simple basketball arcade machine using a pair of the GreenPAK SLG46537 ICs.
AN-CM-276 System Monitor 4-MUX LCD DriverThis application note describes a simple hardware implementation of a 4-Mux LCD driver using time division multiplexing techniques along with system monitoring
AN-CM-256 Static LCD Driver with I2C InterfaceThis application note describes how to create a low power static LCD driver using the GreenPAK IC.
AN-CM-228 A Contactless Rotary EncoderThis application note describes how to design a high reliability, contactless rotary switch or encoder using GreenPAK.
SLG4653x ErrataChips' issues and their workaround