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SLG46121 DatasheetGreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with Dual Supply
SLG46121 ErrataChips' issues and their workaround
AN-CM-233 External Oscillator Solutions with GreenPAKThis application note discusses two oscillator circuits which use a GreenPAK IC with external components
AN-CM-241 Analog Clock Motor DriverThis application note describes how to implement all the active electronic functions needed in an analog clock, including motor driver and crystal oscillator using a Dialog GreenPAK IC
SLG46121V DIP Proto Board Quick Start GuideSLG46121V DIP Proto Board Quick Start Guide
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC ProductsDialog Environmental Statement for IC Products
GreenPAK Development Tools Selector Guide GreenPAK Development Tools Selector Guide
AN-CM-243 Capacitive Charge Pump using GreenPAKThis application note presents how to make a capacitive charge pump using a GreenPAK IC and just a couple of low cost external components
GreenPAK™ BrochureProgrammable Mixed-signal Matrix