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Wireless Audio

Reliable, powerful and easy to use

Dialog's wireless audio modules and ICs deliver low-latency hifi audio devices, ranging from wireless headsets to semi-professional microphones, to benefit from interference free wireless solutions with a low latency audio and improved battery life.

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Robust, low-power wireless audio

Our mass-produced solutions for worldwide 1.9GHz and 2.4 GHz radio frequency bands have broken barriers and brought CMOS benefits to RF applications. Reliable, powerful yet easy-to-use, our products deliver outstanding performance and flexibility so you can create systems that really stand out from the crowd.

Our portfolio covers wireless audio modules with embedded firmware and IC’s supported by the SmartBeatTM software environment. This platform offers a highly integrated solution for high quality and fixed low latency wireless audio applications supporting sample frequencies up to 48 kHz. It supports point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-point audio and data channels, targeting wireless headsets (Lync compliant), headphones, speakers, subwoofers and microphones.

Wireless Audio Product Portfolio
Product Description Applications
Open audio platform for high-end pro-audio applications
USB headsets | Smart Monitors | Analog active headphones | Low- latency gaming headsets, Co-processor with beamforming
Wireless 1.9 GHz open audio platform
High-end active headsets and other high performance DECT use cases
Wireless Audio, SoC, 1.9GHz RF, baseband, USB
2.1 sub | Wireless stereo | Multiroom stereos
Wireless Audio Module, 1.9GHz RF
Public address and tour guide systems
Complete solution for next-generation wireless applications
Conferencing systems, Intercom systems, Elderly Care: pendants with voice

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Comarch is the technology partner for complex end-to-end engineering projects which demand extensive knowledge of embedded software engineering, connectivity, and communication protocols. Since 1993 we have been partnering with the market leaders in semiconductors, consumer electronics and IT. Comarch helps companies to create the final product starting from the idea, through prototyping, hardware and software development to certification. We build interdisciplinary teams that work with clients to deliver suitable services with the highest quality and security standards. We are pleased to work with Renesas on developing the firmware for the TWS audio chip. Due to the flexible capacity model and the additional competence-base available for Renesas, we plan future development based on proven stability and long-term cooperation.

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Bithium is a well-established European DECT technology partner and a solution provider for innovative and differentiated cordless products. Developments and licensing of protocol stacks for both business and consumer products are provided. Several DECT related technologies are supported including DECT, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, DECT 6.0, J-DECT, DMAP, CAT-iq and ULE.

From technology licensing to full product development, Bithium supports the best approach for your next project. Services include requirements assessment, embedded software development, system design, complete hardware and system development. Several interfaces are supported including PSTN, USB, ISDN and VoIP.

Our protocol stacks and drivers are used in several commercial products. They are focused primarily on professional systems where quality and reliability are a must including professional headsets, communication systems, tour guide systems, learning systems and wireless microphones.

Bithium works with industrial design, mechanical design and production partners to meet the project's goals. Partnering with customer own team or network is also welcome.

Bithium protocol stack supports Dialog Semiconductor's latest DA14495 and focuses on high quality audio and low-power. The latest advanced codecs are supported in this platform providing the best audio quality results.

Bithium website

RTX A/S - a leading provider of wireless solutions.

RTX designs and develops wireless solutions for the global market of audio device manufacturers who demand high audio quality and radio resilience. With over 25 years of experience, RTX has the expertise to deliver incredible sound quality in high-density radio environments. RTX has successfully finalized more than 1,000 wireless projects, ODM or OEM solutions in collaboration with global brands. Operating in three business areas: ProAudio, Enterprise, and Healthcare, RTX has a broad exposure to global brands in many different industries. RTX was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Denmark with satellite locations in Hong Kong and the US.

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Get in touch with us directly through our worldwide sales offices, or contact one of our global distributors and representatives.

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