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DA16600 Modules

Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi + BLE Combo modules for battery powered IoT devices

DA16600 Boards

DA16600 modules provide a convenient way to add both low power Wi-Fi and low power BLE functionality to your device. The low power Wi-Fi DA16200 SoC and the low power BLE DA14531 SoC are integrated together on a single module. Together they deliver long battery life and low power consumption in a convenient form factor. As a single integrated system, functions such as Wi-Fi/BLE coexistence and provisioning Wi-Fi through the BLE connection come standard.

The modules are complete with all required components and are regulatory certified by the FCC, IC, CE and other regulatory bodies.

The fully integrated module consists of:

  • Wi-Fi SoC: DA16200
  • BLE SoC: DA14531
  • 4MB Flash memory
  • 40MHz Crystal for Wi-Fi
  • 32KHz RTC Crystal for Wi-Fi
  • 32MHz Crystal for BLE
  • Chip antenna or u.FL connector
  • SPDT Antenna Switch
  • Single power supply voltage (3.3V)
A On Board Chip Antenna
14.2 mm x 24.6 mm x 3.0 mm
B External Antenna connector (u.FL)
14.2 mm x 24.6 mm x 3.0 mm


Low Power Wi-Fi

Low Power BLE

Ultra Low Power

Wi-Fi/BLE Coexistence

Superior Range

Full Offload

Simple Setup & Provisioning

Complete Software Stack

Leading Security

OTA Firmware Update

Multiple I/Os


VirtualZero™ DA16200 SoC

802.11n 1x1 low power 2.4 GHz

Up to 72 Mbps, MCS0-7

SmartBond TINY™ DA14531 SoC

BT5.1 compliant BLE

Enables year-plus battery life

Breakthrough VirtualZero low power technology

Virtually no power consumption in sleep state

Ultra low power sensor wake-up

Runs on small batteries and coin cells

Built in, customizable, coexistence algorithms

Wi-Fi: Industry leading output power and Rx sensitivity for max range

BLE: 4x range of BT 4.0

SoC runs full OS & TCP/IP stack on module

Provision Wi-Fi connection simply with BLE

Automatically find & configure new devices w/ smartphone app

Comprehensive networking software stack

Secure boot • Secure debug • Secure asset storage • Hardware accelerated • TLS • Digital certificates • Elliptic curve

Enables field deployed device firmware updates




Door locks

Security cameras

Video door bells

Temperature sensors

Smoke detectors

Other wireless sensors

Garage door openers

Pet trackers

Asset trackers

Home automation





DA16600 System Block Diagram

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