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DA16200 Modules

Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi modules for battery powered IoT devices

DA16200 Modules

DA16200 modules are the perfect complement to the DA16200 ultra low power Wi-Fi SoC.  They deliver the same long battery life and low power consumption but in a convenient form factor. The modules are complete with all required components and are regulatory certified by the FCC, IC, CE and other regulatory bodies.

The fully integrated module consists of the DA16200 SoC, 4MB flash memory, RF components including crystal oscillator, RF lumped filter, and either a chip antenna or a connector for an external antenna.

The module has 37 pins including GPIOs, JTAG, RTC control, UART, power input, and the 32.768kHz crystal.

A On Board Chip Antenna
13.8 mm x 22.1 mm x 3.3 mm
B External Antenna connector (u.FL)
13.8 mm x 22.1 mm x 3.3 mm


Ultra Low Power

Superior Range

Highly Integrated SoC

Full Offload

Simple Setup & Provisioning

Complete Software Stack

Leading Secuirty

OTA Firmware Update

Multiple I/Os 

eMMC/SD Expanded Memory


Breakthrough VirtualZero™ technology

Virtually no power consumption in sleep state

Enables year-plus battery life

Ultra low power sensor wake-up

Industry leading output power and Rx sensitivity for max range

802.11b/g/n radio PHY, BB/MAC, PA, LNA w/on chip SRAM

Up to 72 Mbps, MCS0-7

SoC runs full OS & TCP/IP stack

Automatically find & configure new devices w/ smartphone app

Comprehensive networking software stack

Secure boot

Secure debug

Secure asset storage

Hardware accelerated


Digital certificates

Elliptic curve

Enables field deployed device firmware updates


Data logging, memory intensive applications



Door locks

Security cameras

Video door bells

Temperature sensors

Smoke detectors

Other wireless sensors

Garage door openers

Pet trackers

Asset trackers

Home automation




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Product Briefs and Summaries
Name Date Version
DA16200 Modules Product Brief (890.22 KB) 20/05/2020 1.1
Name Date Version
DA16200MOD Datasheet (2.14 MB) 03/02/2021 3.1
Application notes
Name Date Version
AN-WI-002 DA16200 Bluetooth Coexistence (258.39 KB) 09/04/2020 1.3
AN-WI-008 DA16200 Antenna Switching Diversity (224.11 KB) 14/05/2020 1.0
AN-WI-010 DA16200 Pin Multiplexing (554.65 KB) 01/12/2020 1.1
AN-WI-011 DA16200 Register Map Peripherals (1.47 MB) 19/11/2020 1.0
User guides and manuals
Name Date Version
UM-WI-003 DA16200 AT Command User Manual (1.33 MB) 01/04/2021 2.3
UM-WI-006 DA16200 Hardware Design Guide (1.1 MB) 14/10/2020 1.3
UM-WI-011 DA16200 Mass Production User Manual (424.92 KB) 28/07/2020 1.4
UM-WI-020 DA16200 SPI Host Interface User Manual (749.01 KB) 07/04/2020 1.0
UM-WI-028 SoftAP User Provisioning Manual (302.54 KB) 27/08/2020 1.0
UM-WI-029 DA16200 Wi-Fi Connection notification (281.4 KB) 02/09/2020 1.0
UM-WI-030 DA16200 DPM Dynamic Period Setting (439.33 KB) 29/10/2020 1.0
UM-WI-034 DA16200 DPM over AT-CMD (315.5 KB) 26/11/2020 1.0
UM-WI-036 DA16200 OTA Update User Manual (1.19 MB) 17/02/2021 2.0
UM-WI-040 DA16200 EVK Pro User Manual (1.37 MB) 09/02/2021 1.0
UM-WI-048 DA16200 FreeRTOS OTA Update User Manual (1.4 MB) 26/02/2021 1.0
Name Date Version
DA16200 FreeRTOS SDK Image v3.1.0.0 (1.92 MB) (Registered users only) 14/04/2021
DA16200 FreeRTOS SDK Release Note v3.1.0.0 (198.14 KB) (Registered users only) 14/04/2021
DA16200 FreeRTOS SDK v3.1.0.0 (208.29 MB) (Registered users only) 14/04/2021
DA16200 MESH SDK Package v2.3.0.0 (71.08 MB) (Registered users only) 03/09/2020
DA16200 SDK Generic Release Note v2.3.4.0 (252.7 KB) (Registered users only) 31/03/2021
DA16200 SDK Generic v2.3.4.0 (154.04 MB) (Registered users only) 31/03/2021
DA16200 SDK Image release v2.3.4.0 (2.77 MB) (Registered users only) 31/03/2021
SDK User Manual
Name Date Version
UM-WI-002 DA16200 SDK Programmers Guide (3.19 MB) 18/03/2021 2.3
UM-WI-005 DA16200 DPM Manager User Manual (462.21 KB) 07/04/2020 1.4
UM-WI-010 DA16200 MQTT Programmer User Manual (1 MB) 01/04/2021 1.6
UM-WI-019 DA16200 PTIM Programmer Guide (1.11 MB) 10/03/2020 1.1
UM-WI-022 DA16200 HTTP Extended API (535.6 KB) 19/02/2021 1.2
UM-WI-035 DA16200 SDK Memory Map (375.22 KB) 27/11/2020 1.0
UM-WI-037 DA16200 QuickStart User Guide (1.67 MB) 25/03/2021 1.2
UM-WI-045 DA16200 SDK Porting Guide (375.04 KB) 30/03/2021 1.0
UM-WI-046 DA16200 FreeRTOS SDK Programmer Guide (2.19 MB) 13/04/2021 1.0
UM-WI-049 DA16200 FreeRTOS SDK Startup Guide for Linux (2.19 MB) 13/04/2021 1.0
UM-WI-050 DA16200 FreeRTOS SDK Startup Guide for Windows (1.92 MB) 31/03/2021 1.0
Development Tools
Name Date Version
DA16200 AT GUI Tool (130.83 KB) 06/01/2021 1.7
DA16200 Security Tool (54.85 MB) 02/06/2020 1.2
DA16600 DA16200 Multi Downloader tool (169.09 KB) 05/01/2021 1.1
UM-WI-004 DA16200 AT GUI Tool User Manual (810.21 KB) 06/01/2021 1.5
UM-WI-015 DA16200 Security Tool User Manual (1.17 MB) 02/06/2020 1.6
UM-WI-039 DA16600 DA16200 Multi Downloader tool (673.88 KB) 05/01/2021 1.0
Software Applications & Examples
Name Date Version
DA16200 Image Package v2.2.3.0 for AWS IoT (612.99 KB) (Registered users only) 26/11/2020
DA16200 Image Package v2.3.2.0 for AWS IoT AT command (18.68 MB) (Registered users only) 20/04/2021
DA16200 SDK Package v2.2.3.0 for AWS IoT (124.24 MB) (Registered users only) 26/11/2020
UM-WI-007 DA16200 Example Application Manual (3.5 MB) 10/03/2021 2.2
UM-WI-038 DA16200 Getting Started with AT-Command for AWS-IoT 1v0 (2.55 MB) 10/12/2020 1.0
Mobile Apps
Name Date Version
DA16200 Provisioning Mobile App - Source Code - Android/iOS (70.59 MB) (Registered users only) 06/04/2021 2.1
UM-WI-042 DA16200 Provisioning Mobile App User Manual (1.1 MB) 05/04/2021 1.2
Hardware Design Collateral
Name Date Version
DA16200 Module chip antenna Symbols & footprints(7.58 KB) 14/10/2020 1.0
DA16200 Module u.FL Symbols & footprints(7.58 KB) 14/10/2020 1.0
Wi-Fi Certification
Name Date Version
DA16200MOD-AAC4WA32 WFA Certification report (59.48 KB) 27/04/2020 1.0
DA16200MOD-AAE4WA32 WFA Certification report (59.36 KB) 27/04/2020 1.0
Other Certifications
Name Date Version
DA16200MOD-AAC4WA32 Type approval certificates (FCC, CE, IC, KC, SRRC, TELEC) (2.51 MB) 27/04/2020 1.0
Ref. Design and Dev. Kit Documentation
Name Date Version
DA16200 Evaluation Kit Pro Power Profiler (53.14 MB) 28/07/2020
UM-WI-023 DA16200 EVK User manual (2.34 MB) 09/02/2021 2.0
UM-WI-047 DA16200 FreeRTOS EVK User Manual (2.04 MB) 05/04/2021 1.0
Previous Software Releases
Name Date Version
DA16200 Generic SDK Packaged v2.3.2.0 (392.46 MB) (Registered users only) 12/10/2020
DA16200 IMG Generic v2.3.3.0 (2.34 MB) (Registered users only) 30/12/2020
Name Date Version
DA16200 Generic SDK Package v2.2.3.0 (DDPS) (289.67 MB) (Registered users only) 14/10/2020


Our VirtualZero™ products are supported by development kits to help you create applications that exploit the unique benefits of the VirtualZero™ family to the fullest. These tools help you minimize your time to market.

DA16200 Development Kit

DA16200 Development Kit - Pro (Includes Power Profiler)

Video thumbnail, click to open and play

DA16200 Video

DA16200MOD-AAC4WA32 Avnet US Mouser Digikey Farnell
DA16200MOD-AAE4WA32   Mouser Digikey  
DA16200MOD-DEVKT Avnet US Mouser Digikey Farnell
DA16200MOD-DEVKT-P Avnet US Mouser Digikey Farnell