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DA16200 Hongjia HJ-DA16200


Small size is critical for many IoT applications. SiP (System in Package) allows IoT device makers to reduce the size of their electronic circuit hence achieving a small form factor for their end products. Dialog’s partner Tangshan HongJia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed an ultra-small, ultra-low power Wi-Fi SIP module with Dialog’s DA16200, the world’s most power-efficient Wi-Fi SoC. The HJ-DA16200 delivers the same long battery life and low power consumption offered by DA16200 module but in a much smaller form factor.

DA16200 Diagram

The fully integrated SIP consists of the DA16200 SoC, 2MB or 4MB flash memory, RF components including crystal oscillator, RF lumped filter, and an antenna. The built-in antenna is sufficient for normal application, and the external antenna can also be extended. Support customer 2-layers PCB design.

The SIP has 40 pins in 8 x 8 x 1.3mm LGA package including GPIOs, JTAG, RTC control, UART, power input and Antenna Pin (optional to use external antenna).


Ultra Low Power

Superior Range

Highly Integrated SoC

Full Offload

Simple Setup & Provisioning

Complete Software Stack

Leading Security

OTA Firmware Update

Multiple I/Os 

eMMC/SD Expanded Memory

Built-in high-performance antenna (External antenna can also be used)

Size: 8 x 8 x 1.3mm

Package: LGA40

Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃




Door locks

Security cameras

Video door bells

Temperature sensors

Smoke detectors

Other wireless sensors

Garage door openers

Pet trackers

Asset trackers

Home automation




And any other Wi-Fi application requiring small size

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