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DA16200 Wi-Fi AT Command Set

WIFI Development

Wi-Fi implementation is made simple and fast by adding a comprehensive suite of AT-Commands to our wireless family (DA16200 Wi-Fi and DA16600 Wi-Fi/BLE combo).

You can access the industry-leading low power features of the DA16200/DA16600 family simply, quickly and without having to develop any complex software on the Wi-Fi side.

What Renesas offers

A full end to end solution

Fast prototyping

Ready to use examples for Drag and drop


AT Command set
  • Fast and easy development
  • Limited the SW development
  • No Wi-Fi Stack knowledge needed
  • Fully Certified DA16200 Module


  • Wi-Fi Provisioning
  • MQTT Commands
  • Sleep Commands
  • Firmware update Over The Air Commands (OTA)
  • GPIO Configuration Commands
  • Custom AT

How to Get Started

Product Briefs and Summaries
Name Date Version
DA16200 Product Brief (810.33 KB) 20/04/2020 1.0
Name Date Version
DA16200 Datasheet (3.42 MB) 17/01/2022 3.4
User guides and manuals
Name Date Version
UM-WI-003 DA16200 DA16600 AT Command User Manual (1.64 MB) 22/03/2022 2.10
Name Date Version
DA16200 IMG AT Command UART (845.21 KB) (Registered users only) 10/03/2022
Software Applications & Examples
Name Date Version
Quick Start Guide of HTTP Client (1.4 MB) 28/02/2022 1.0
Quick Start Guide of MQTT Client Air Quality (1.19 MB) 09/03/2022 1.0
Quick Start Guide of MQTT Client Button Press (1.56 MB) 09/03/2022 1.0
Quick Start Guide Wi-Fi Enabled Cloud IoT Solution Kit (913.82 KB) 10/03/2022 1.0
RA6M4 DA16200 HTTP Client (1.57 MB) 28/02/2022 1.0
RA6M4 DA16200 MQTT Client Button Press (915.86 KB) 09/03/2022 1.0
RA6M4 ZMOD4410 DA16200 MQTT Client Air Quality (1.38 MB) 09/03/2022 1.0
Renesas Wifi DA16200 RA6M4 Cloud IoT Solution (83.97 MB) 10/03/2022 1.0
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Industry’s Lowest Power Wi-Fi Platform DA16200 is Now Available for Broad Market