IP-DECT base station

IP-DECT Base Station

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Lower telephony costs for your home and office

DECT delivers the freedom of cordless communication with outstanding voice quality and extremely reliable transmission. IP-DECT combines these into one easy-to-use package. And through an IP-DECT base station you can help residential and business users re-use their existing DECT cordless phones to join the VoIP revolution.

Typical IP-DECT base station application

In homes and small businesses, an IP-DECT basestation allows a DECT handset to connect directly to the internet via an x DSL or cable modem. For larger businesses a single basestation can act as a single-cell base for cordless handsets and conference phones with the standard DECT range. Alternatively, several basestations can be spread across a site allowing users to roam freely from room to room. They can also be used to connect DECT ULE sensors to the internet for remote security, metering and building automation applications.

Dialog's VoIP processors have the processing power to run networking and SIP stacks. Choose one with an embedded DECT baseband, add in one of our radio ICs and you have the ideal solution for single- and multi-cell IP-DECT basestations with a low bill of materials (BoM). A single-cell system could support up to six handsets with four active secure IP calls, while multi-cell systems could support 12 handsets and 8-12 active calls. The embedded analog codec and PCM interface allow you to offer additional FXS or FXO interfaces on your basestation.

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Development Kits

With a single motherboard plus a number of optional daughter boards, the kit can be easily configured for any of the target applications. It also allows you to develop applications supporting Gigabit Ethernet connections or DECT.

Software Tools

Software tools are as critical to embedded system performance as the actual hardware. To help speed development and implementation, we offer a number of dedicated propriety tools.