Analog telephone adapter (ATA)

Analog Telephone Adapter

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Making it easy to join the VoIP revolution

An analog telephone adapter, or analog terminal adapter (ATA), makes it easy for homes and business to join the VoIP revolution. Handling all the necessary signal and protocol conversion the ATA is a plug-and-play solution that allows conventional PSTN (analog) phones and fax machines to communicate with remote (digital) VoIP servers.

Typical Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) application

Dialog's Enterprise VoIP development platform offers manufacturers a quick and easy route to attractive ATA solutions. Delivering design flexibility, the platform allows for up to four FXS ports, up to 2 FXS / FXO ports or any combination of the two (e.g. one FXO and two FXS ports).

Through the kit's integrated DECT baseband, manufacturers can extend the functionality and appeal of ATAs with another common communications interface: cordless telephony. Moreover, DECT and its update CAT-iq allow DECT handsets to connect directly to the ATA and open the door to new internet-based services. For example, telecom companies could offer over-the-air upgrades for deployed handsets or services such as weather information and online telephone directories.

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Development Kits

With a single motherboard plus a number of optional daughter boards, the kit can be easily configured for any of the target applications. It also allows you to develop applications supporting Gigabit Ethernet connections or DECT.

Software Tools

Software tools are as critical to embedded system performance as the actual hardware. To help speed development and implementation, we offer a number of dedicated propriety tools.