SmartServer IoT

SmartServer IoT

Connect Building and Industrial Controls to the IoT with from Dialog's Open Edge Server

SmartServer IoT is the industry’s first truly open, end-to-end, extensible edge server that provides a conduit to securely deliver operating system data to new cloud services. It enables system integrators, application developers and OEMs to easily deliver industrial IoT solutions for energy management and automation using both new and existing control networks.

Discover new trends in the Industrial IoT

Discover the power of Dialog's next-generation IoT edge server platform and find out how it can easily adapt to new protocols and systems.


IoT Edge Server Selection Criteria for Building Automation & Industrial Controls


Pragmatic solutions for deployment of Industrial IoT technology


Convergence of Building Automation and IoT

  • Current State of Building Automation
  • Future of Smart Buildings
  • Bridging the Gap to Smarter Buildings



Edge Servers in Industrial IoT: Real World Use Cases

  • Extending Life of Legacy Networks
  • Multi-site Secure Cloud Management
  • Predictive Energy Management


Introducing SmartServer IoT

Accelerating the Industrial IoT

Industry 4.0 represents a revolutionary use of industrial control system data to offer a wealth of benefits across industries, achieved by connecting traditional operating systems to new IT systems. But convergence can be complex; many solutions include ripping out expensive infrastructure and replacing it with new equipment. That’s not affordable for most businesses. How can your company help customers make this transition in a cost-effective, simple way when their legacy systems don’t speak the same languages as new, connected information technologies?
We understand the enormity of this task, and provide solutions to make it easy to bridge these worlds. SmartServer IoT offers a seamless, secure, and cost-effective way for new cloud technology to access the data inside legacy systems, letting users harness existing data to make more informed decisions, achieve new levels of operational efficiency, and reap the incredible benefits of predictive analytics. The end-to-end SmartServer™ IoT facilitates this IoT implementation with rich APIs, built-in services, secure messaging to cloud services and more.

Key Features

End-to-end IoT solution - with modular interfaces for leading industrial communications protocols such as LonWorks technology, BACnet, and Modbus, and an IP network and data abstraction layer, we have eliminated the requirement to integrate protocol stacks and abstract the data from a variety of device types.

User-friendly web-based management system - simplify the integrator workflow of creating, provisioning and managing devices with configurable dashboards, alarms and reports

Secure IoT messaging to remote clients and cloud services - gather data from devices efficiently from any public or private cloud without opening unsecure ports or punching holes through firewalls

Extensible, open integration Linux-based platform - freely available modern RESTful APIs for accelerating web apps and HTML development, and MQTT for custom controls applications; all ensuring integration with any IoT device or application

Edge services for controls and automation - with pre-integrated device and data management apps—such as connecting, routing, scheduling, data logging and alarming—all operating at the network edge for faster, more responsive systems


Existing Industrial Devices

SmartServer IoT’s extensible architecture connects new and legacy industrial devices together with a secure modern messaging protocol. The powerful Internet Access Protocol (IAP) running within SmartServer IoT is used to abstract data and network management from industrial communications protocols:

  • No need to rip and replace! You can access data from your existing industrial devices and systems
  • Connect siloed or closed systems and manage control networks


To emerging IoT protocols and applications

Open southbound interfaces adds extensions for IoT sensors and devices and a northbound interface enables cloud integration:

  • Faster time to market for integrating new device types and applications
  • Customizable apps and services such as scheduling, data logging and alarming running at the edge for responsive and reliable systems


With insights from cloud analytics and AI services

Enhance operational efficiency and ROI with insights from data analytics and predictive artificial intelligence (AI) services through seamless connectivity to cloud platforms:

  • Powerful open REST and MQTT based web services APIs for access to devices from web applications, remote clients and cloud services
  • Log, trend and analyze sensor, meter or controller data locally or remotely with edge compute resources for optimizing data charges

Benefits for Integrators

Deploy automation and IoT solutions in days!

  • Achieve better project ROI through reduced development time, faster project deployments and end-to-end support for controls and automation
  • Enjoy flexibility in implementation with your choice of multiple interfaces and protocols, and an ecosystem of interoperable devices
  • Provide customer satisfaction and better business outcomes through analytics and insights derived from multiple cloud services

Benefits for Solutions Providers

Create custom applications and solutions with ease

  • Get to market faster with out-of- the-box support for industrial protocols and controls services
  • Create differentiated, highly competitive offerings with open systems that provide freedom in cloud hosting, communications protocols, and applications
  • Focus on your core competency, not on controls networking with easy-to-use modern APIs, and no need for extensive networking and communications experience


"Usability and robustness are superior."

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"...Fantastic network solution... Nothing compares to [system] network performance."

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"Compatibility and interoperability to allow devices... to communicate easily and robustly is unparalleled."

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